Regatta Fireworks May Not Happen After Organisers Step Down

Richard Reed and Will Hamilton who have organised the annual Saturday night Henley Regatta fireworks for the last few years are stepping down.

In a letter sent to our Editor, Richard and Will say:

“Hopefully the Covid-19 regulations will have expired in time for the rescheduled Henley Royal Regatta.

For many years it has been traditional that a timed, 20-minute firework display takes place on the Saturday of the event and with a couple of exceptions this has happened every year.

We have arranged the display for the last three years but feel that we cannot go back to the same organisations and individuals that have so kindly sponsored the event over this time and so, unfortunately, we have decided to step down.

It is clear that there are mixed feelings about the fireworks, with some citing the risk to pets and livestock but this is not a random event and people will know well in advance of the display and can make any arrangements they feel necessary. However, judging by the crowds that flock to the bridge on the Saturday night to watch the fireworks, and the comments we have received, we believe the majority on townspeople support the event.

The reality is that unless someone takes over fundraising and operational challenge there will be no display this year. However, we would be more than happy to guide and advise anyone who would be prepared to take on the task.

We would very much like to thank all those who have so generously supported the display in the past.”

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