Physiotherapy Centre Expanding to Offer Wellbeing Services

Active VIII Physiotherapy Centre of Excellence in West Street is expanding their services and rebranding to Active VIII Wellbeing.  This new centre of excellence has been launched after the pandemic has highlighted the huge need for mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Active VIII Wellbeing centre is now offering 1:1, 1:2 sessions in both Yoga and Pilates under the care of our highly experienced instructors, Eli and Claire, as well as small classes of 1:4 on Wednesday mornings/afternoons starting on 23 June.  To support those struggling with their mental health the clinic now offers you full Psychological Wellbeing therapy/support under the care of Claire Harden-Sweetnam. Active VIII Wellbeing has also formed an exciting new partnership with ‘Alchemy by Effect Doctors’ who offer bespoke preventative medicine through ‘wellbeing’ blood screening, IV vitamin and mineral infusions, non invasive facial aesthetics and covid testing. These services will all be performed by the highly experienced team of NHS consultant Anaesthetists and nurses, passionate in health, wellbeing and prevention of disease.

Active VIII currently offers full musculoskeletal physiotherapy, sports injury and rehabilitation and specialist biomechanical profiling and gait analysis including the prescription of bespoke foot orthotics.

Clinical Director, Sarah Robert said, “As a result of listening to my patients over the last 12 months, it became abundantly evident there is widespread need for ACTIVE VIII’s expansion, to incorporate all areas of mental, physical and spiritual Health. These new services will beautifully compliment our wonderful musculoskeletal expertise already on offer. People are very worn down after the past 18 months of lockdown. They have tolerated their personal issues but are now ready, with the slow release of lockdown, alongside the fantastic vaccine programme, to take some time to care for themselves. The fantastic new services we can offer the residents of Henley and its surrounding villages, can address all our clients needs – old and new. Never before has there been such a huge necessity for a local clinic to address all our Health and wellbeing requirements. Active VIII Wellbeing will become Henley’s first centre of excellence – where everyone, of all ages, is welcome. We can provide all clients with bespoke packages – as little or as complex – as their needs require.”

Alex Dadley from Alchemy by Effect Doctors said, “We offer diagnostic blood tests including iron levels, Well Woman and Well Man profiling to determine health and function levels of the body.  We can help towards weight loss, provide vitamins for your health and wellbeing, build up your immunity – just anything really to boost your sense of wellbeing. There’s such a gap at the moment as everyone is so concerned about their health.  Blood tests can highlight what your body may be missing and what you need more of  which can be given through IV fusion or adjustment in your lifestyle.  Plus we offer and facial aesthetics (fillers and botox) and Covid Tests for £149 which are analysed in an accredited medical laboratory with results reported by a Chief Medical Officer (CMO) within 48 hours and a Fit to Fly Certificate for £25 officially stamped and signed by the CMO. ”

Alex and Colette Moran from Alchemy did have a base in Henley just before Covid kicked in.  Alex comments, “Unfortunately where we were, they didn’t survive the storm so we were looking for somewhere else to base ourselves and at the same time as Sarah was looking at developing her ideas for the clinic. When we first came here we walked away with such a good feeling. I think we’re going to be best jigsaw in Henley – all the pieces will fit together to be the most wonderful health and wellbeing centre. We want our clients to walk out of the clinic genuinely feeling they have taken steps to do something to make themselves feel better.”

Sarah added, “It was written in the stars that Alchemy were requiring clinic premises whilst I was simultaneously developing the centre’s expansion. It couldn’t be more perfect.  I really lovely the jigsaw analogy.  We had a wonderful jigsaw but with missing pieces. Now we have the full picture and it’s looking great. My patients feedback has been fantastic and they are excited about the possibilities moving forward and the additional support the centre can offer. We shall all be working together – a totally symbiotic environment – creating a top class service for all.”

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