Style Your Home for Summer with Studio Ember Interiors

We are all more than ready for this summer but our homes aren’t necessarily singing from the same hymn sheet. There are some very simple changes you can make to update your home and garden ready for the glorious warm days ahead.

Here at Studio Ember Interiors, we love updating our clients’ homes between seasons. It doesn’t have to be an arduous task, it can be a truly joyous ritual that cleanses the energies of the previous season and prepares the mind for the next. There are some simple swaps that can have great impact, think of it as ‘putting up your decorations’ like you would at Christmas, but with less tinsel, or swapping out your winter wardrobe.

Starting on the inside, first focus on your textiles. Having cushion covers in a summer print or light neutral linen that can be swapped with your more wintery velvets takes only a couple of minutes but can really transform your bedroom and living room. Swap out your cosy chunky knit and cashmere blankets for some Hammams to drape over armchairs and add some light linen throws to your bed. You could even swap your bed sheets for a delicate summer print. Make sure you are still working within your existing colour palette but mix in either brighter or lighter tones. Storing these additional textiles takes up very little space so this is by far one of the easiest changes you can make every season.

Home scent is the next very important step to take in this transformation. If you are still burning your cinnamon scented candles from the winter then this is for you. Fill your home with some fresh and uplifting summer scents such as Jasmine and Lavender. Your local store, Wild and Rust on Duke Street, has a stunning Jasmine candle as part of their Fruits of Nature range.

Fill your home with flowers sticking to a 1 or 2 colour bouquet. Pick a colour that contrasts with your interior colour palette to get the most impact from your flowers and be sure to move them around the house with you (within reason) to make the most out of them. It doesn’t have to break the bank, you can never go wrong with a cheerful bunch of sunflowers.

Finally, make sure you’ve given your hosting skills a little brush off and that you’re ready for summer guests. Opera Prelude Emporium (another local store that can be found online) have the most stunning napkins for the perfect alfresco table setting. A fun print for your napkins is a level of detail that will bring a smile to your guests. Next, Invest in some stunning cocktail glasses. Whether you prefer the understated elegance of LSA glassware or a fun maximalist style, just go for it… they do make drinks taste better. Having friends over in the sunshine and passing them a beautifully presented aperitif whilst they marvel at your gorgeous home will certainly get your summer off to a good start.

Don’t forget to have at least one knock out summer cocktail up your sleeve to greet your guests with and make sure it’s a colourful and refreshing one. In true Henley fashion, we would recommend the quintessential cocktail, an ‘English Garden’, using Hobbs of Henley Gin of course!

Ingredients; 50ml Gin, 25ml Elderflower Liqueur (can use cordial for a lighter option), 75ml Apple Juice (not from concentrate), 10ml Lime Juice, and cucumber ribbons to serve.

Shake all the ingredients together (apart from the cucumber ribbons) with ice. Fill one of your beautiful new summer cocktail glasses with ice cubes, strain and pour. Add your Cucumber ribbons to serve.

Now all that is left to do is sit back, relax, sip your cocktail and invite some friends over.

If you would rather have an expert come and curate your summer update then make sure you get in touch with Studio Ember Interiors. We are currently offering a Summer Styling Service.

How it works: we come to you for an at home consultation, we agree your shopping budget, we go shopping for you and source locally wherever possible, we style your new and existing items together for a beautifully curated and coherent finish.

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