Acorn Back With Grimm Tales Show But Not a Sad Face in Sight

The Tribe of Acorn Music Theatre Company were delighted to return to their summer home at White Pond Farm in Stonor last week for their production of Tales For Fairly Grimm Times thanks to the Stracey family who own the farm, after a year away because of the pandemic.

The setting, as always was perfect, but this year the expressions on the young people’s faces were a picture as they showed their love of performing to a live audience which they had missed for so long last year.

The sounds of the drums drew the audience to attention for the start of the production and the first Grimm Tale was certainly not one for the faint-hearted and the actions by the performers was so cleverly realistic.  It told the humorous tale of The Three Surgeons who cut out their heart, chopped of their hand and pulled out their eye to gain a room for a night at the inn.  Their body parts kept in the larder were then mistakenly cooked by the servant for a soldier she wanted to impress and when she realised she replaced them with body parts from the pig in the cellar!  The outcome was hilarious (no spoilers here).

Then followed more Tales from The Brothers Grimm with some more well known than others like The Elves & The Shoemaker and Achenputtel; an alternative Cinderella story.  Throughout the performance the audience were treated to some witty lines and clever use of body shapes to create the scenery.  This is what makes Acorn’s productions so special and unique.  The music too is so thought through and integral to the performance, there were an amazing array of percussion instruments for many different sounds. We particular loved the modern day reference of contactless to replace the bags of gold in the Elves & The Shoemaker, the wolf going to a nail salon to disguise his claws and the clever stunt of pissing in the pot in The Fisherman & His Greed Wife.

All Acorn productions are a collaboration of the children’s ideas working with the teachers to create wonderful scripts and music.

From the little elves to the main roles, the whole cast were a class act and one that Artistic Director, Gail Rosier and her team should be so proud of, especially with the restraints that we’re sure have made things tricky to bring this fantastic production to life.