Brownies Bowled Over

1st Henley Brownies were bowled over by the welcome they got when they went to Henley Bowling Club last week to try out bowling for the first time.

Kevin showed the girls how to stand, hold and throw the ball so that it turned and rolled in the right direction before everyone was split into groups to have a game.

Michaela Clarke, Leader of 1st Henley Brownies and Editor of the Herald said, “I’ve got to know the members of the Bowling Club over the last few years when I’ve gone along to cover a few matches for the Herald.  One time when I was there, a member said that they had recently had the Cubs to visit.  This immediately made me ask if it was possible if the Brownies could come and have a go as I’m always interesting in finding new things for the girls to take part in.  The visit has been delayed a year but the girls really had great fun and there were smiles all round.  Some of them quickly picked up the skill and were getting their bowls near the jack.  Thank you to the club for having us.  It’s another fantastic sports club on our doorstep.”

Chair of Henley Bowling Club said, “I think it’s fair to say we all had a great evening with your Brownies, what a lively happy bunch of girls. My colleague’s and I so enjoyed being with the young ones, and the fun and Laughter was heard across the green. There were definitely a few good players within the group, and took it quite seriously. So hopefully they may remember the fun that it is for the future.”