Celebrate Lockdown Ending With Party for Kenton

Looking at celebrating the end of social distancing on 19 July and helping a local good cause at the same time?

The Kenton Theatre, after being closed for over 18 months are planning a reopening party on Friday 23 July with Henley’s well known DJ, Gary Boys aka DJ One Deck.  It will be a great opportunity for people to get together with friends and let their hair down whilst raising much-needed money for our wonderful theatre.

Gary will be joined by a line-up of guest musicians including drummer Cyril Felix and the party will start with a family event between 3.30pm-7.00pm where kids accompanied with parents will have the chance to play instruments, karaoke and show off their dance moves on the stage.  From 8.00pm until late, the adult party will get started with Gary mixing up the tunes, playing requests, fun competitions and more within the Theatre and Bar will be open .

Over the last 18 months, Gary has raised a staggering £5,000 for charity through his Facebook live radio show, firstly for the NHS and then for Henley’s Nomad Youth Community Project where he raised money for Christmas toys for local children.  Gary has a real passion for music and entertaining and has been the resident DJ at The Angel pub during Regatta for the last 10+ years. He will relaunching his radio show thanks to Graham Rickett from Henley Scan who sorted out his computer after over 9 hours of rebuilding his PC and will be live streaming again in July during the run to the party and all money raised from requests will go to the theatre.

Gary said, “The Kenton has been here for over 100 years. Fundamentally, it’s a place of entertainment for the town and the community.  It brings happiness and light through tough times.  Theatres have been hit massively – people are out of work, theatres have shut down but luckily for us the Kenton has managed to survive.  This is an opportunity to showcase the theatre to those who haven’t been before and put some well-earned funds back into it.  The Kenton offers a variety of shows from soul nights to panto – there’s something for every age group. I think it’s a nice opportunity for the community to give something back.  Fundamentally it rips into the core of Gary Boys because when I was a kid I was confirmed as dyslexic and drama was my one place that I felt I was at home and felt I had a place to develop and contribute.  Drama and theatre was where I found my home and social development.  There must be many kids like me who had early learning difficulties and we need to support the theatre as it is a wonderful place.  I’m delighted to dedicate my show to the theatre, to showcase it and to celebrate the coming out of lockdown.”

To join the live show on Facebook like Gary on  https://www.facebook.com/DJOneDeck  or connect on boysie4 on Instagram

It is hoped that Gary will raise £1500 from the radio show and the party.  The money will go towards renewing some of the lighting and sound equipment at the Kenton Theatre, and also towards a Community Fund which will be used to help local community organisations to perform on the Kenton Stage by assisting with the cost of presenting an event.

Simon Spearing, The Kenton Manager said, “We are so excited to be able to bring audiences back into the Kenton Theatre, and so grateful that Gary has agreed to help us to throw a welcome back party. After being locked down for so long this wonderful old building desperately needs people to come back and breathe life into the place, and that’s exactly what we hope to do with this celebration of us all being able to start regaining our social lives and to spend time with friends old and new, and friends we haven’t met yet.”

Tickets are £10 for adults and under 16’s are free for the family event but they must be accompanied by an adult.

While the theatre is keen for all their party guests to have fun and relax, they will be taking the safety of everybody involved seriously.  There may be some rules to follow in order to keep everybody safe and we will outline exactly what they will be after 19 July. In the event this party is unable to go ahead due to restrictions remaining after this date it will be rescheduled and let you know.

To book go to https://kentontheatre.co.uk/event/kenton-for-keeps-reopening-party/