5 Ways to Create a Positive Living Space

After everything we have been through over the last 18 months, we all need a massive boost of positivity in our lives. Understandably we are all mentally and emotionally drained so we need a quiet place to come home to and unwind from the craziness that is going on all around us. The good news is that there seems to be a light at the end of this dark tunnel and with these 5 changes to your living area, you too can create a positive living space in which to recharge your mind, body, and soul.

1. Use Colour

Colours can be used in a variety of ways to boost the mood of your living room. The direct impact that colours have on our behaviours and responses to all situations has been documented many times over. By using the correct colours, like reds and yellows, you can easily boost the positive energy vibe from your living space.

2. Clean Space, Clean Mind

The most effective way to boost the positive energy within your living space is to make sure that your home is clean and tidy. Consult reputable cleaning companies like Twinkle Clean and arrange for your home to be cleaned regularly by professionals, that way you can come home to a clean space every day. The result of having a clean home is that it helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels and also helps to reduce the symptoms of depression.

3. Less Clutter

If you don’t use it regularly then pack it away. Having a designated spot for everything helps to increase the positive flow of energy throughout your living space. Your living room won’t be an easy space to declutter because it serves no real purpose other than to help you relax and unwind. Consult online guides for quick and easy ways to implement a clutter-free sustainable living environment.

4. Add Plants

Plants and flowers have a wonderfully natural ability to boost positive energy. Choose indoor plants that are particularly adept at brightening moods. There are so many plant options that promote peace and serenity that it shouldn’t be hard to find a few that are perfect for your personality. Living plants are also great for improving the air quality in your room but if you aren’t confident that you can take care of them then opt for faux plants because their green look is still perfect for enhancing the energy flow.

5. Embrace Sunlight

If you are lucky enough to have a home with ample sunlight then you should use it! Sunlight is warm, cleansing, and healing – perfect examples of positive energy in its purest form. Make sure you open curtains and windows and let the natural light and fresh air flow freely through your living area. The warm glow of sunlight is an instant mood booster and can help you feel recharged and renewed in just 10 minutes. Exposure to sunlight is well known for increasing your brain’s release of the feel-good hormone Serotonin. This hormone will help to ground you and make you feel calm and centred, and after all, we have been through so much that we could all use that kind of grounding in our lives.