Hotshots Henley

On Saturday 17th July, Henley visited Watlington in a 4 triples Plomer Cup match, winning on two rinks, and overall by 73 shots to 56. This gave 7 points to Henley and 5 to Watlington.

Norman Daniells with Angelika Crisa and Andy Scott were 13 shots up, having scored a “hotshot” on the eighth end; i.e. the Henley players scored a maximum of 9 shots on the end. Henley eventually ran out winners, 25-10.

Simon Hatcher with Jeanie Davies and Peter Borsberry were level 9 all after ten ends then pulled away to win 20-14.
Dave Wilson with Joan Edwards and Rod Grant were 8 up after five ends then level after thirteen ends. Leading by 3 shots going into the last end, they unfortunately dropped 4 shots losing 16-17.

Gill Robins with Richard Kingston and Colin Ward were level 8 all after eleven ends and 12 all after seventeen ends only to drop 3 shots on the last to go down 12-15.

On a very hot Sunday 18th July, Henley entertained Bassetsbury Manor in a 4 triples mixed friendly match, winning on two rinks, and running out winners 61-58.

Barrie Davies with new bowler Martin Taylor, and Kevin Browne were a couple of shots down after two ends, but then found the green and ran out winners 27-11.
Angie Isaac with new bowler Shaun Anderson, and Steve Isaac returning from injury, were level 6 all after seven ends, but  just falling short 11-17.
David Burdon with new to the club Jim Turner, and Jeanie Davies had a very well balanced match. They were 2 down after sixteen ends, but picked up 3 on the last two ends to run out close winners 12-10.
Steve Sullivan with Romy Painter and Keith Lawrance were 6 up after seven ends, and level after ten ends, but only picked up 2 shots over the last ends to go down 11-20.