Adventure Golf Project Gets the Tee Off

A proposal to build a new 18-hole, Henley themed Adventure Golf course  on the former putting green at Mill Meadows got the go ahead this week.

Despite two residents who attended the full Council meeting on Tuesday night raising concerns about the proposals including a loss of biodiversity; the risk from flooding; and the viability of the financial projections the Councillors voted to go ahead with the construction at a cost of £270k.

The Herald was asked to run a poll by a reader inviting parents of under 13 children to say whether the space should be kept as a free space for a picnic area, park or splash park or an Adventure Golf Course. The result of the poll was 82.46% free space and 17.54% Adventure Golf.

The Town Clerk presented a report at the meeting giving the feedback received from the public consultation noting that a majority of residents (57%) were in favour of the adventure golf proposals. He confirmed that other suggested options had been discounted in the business case; that, given the  acknowledgement of an ecological emergency, the scheme should ensure there was a net biodiversity gain, in consultation with the Conservation Park Warden and Greener Henley; that the materials used would be durable; and that whilst the formal consultation had closed, if the proposals were taken forward, there would be continued stakeholder engagement. Concerns had been raised regarding the financial projections, but it was believed these were robust. It was asked whether overspends were likely and it was  confirmed that the working group would ensure the project was kept within budget. 

The build would be scheduled to begin in October 2021 with completion in January 2022, and a opening between February and April 2022.

You can view the full consultation report on the Henley Town Council Website or by clicking here


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