Emma Jane Shares Her Child Protection Message on World Video Stage

Emma Jane Taylor was recently invited to film a video for TED Talks, a worldwide video platform to talk about Child Sex Abuse.

In the video above, Emma talks about how the focus has been on stranger danger but the facts are that 90% of child abuse is done by people who they know.

Emma herself was groomed and abused by a family acquaintance and she first shared her story by publishing a book in 2018, ‘Don’t Hold Back’.  After the book was published Emma connected with many people across the world and started working on various projects on child protection which led to an introduction to Tedx Londonderry who were keen to share her message.  The video was filmed at Meadows Farm Studios in Henley.

On sharing this important message, Emma said, “I feel very stable and confident, something I didn’t feel many years ago. I feel hugely proud to be here sharing an important message with the world about a subject that isn’t spoken about – but really needs to be.  I work closely with an incredible team who understand the importance of this message and the work being done to create change and I engage with many survivors around the world to support these conversations.”

The video has been viewed over 5,000 times already.  Emma comments, “I have been contacted by people from all over the world since my TED talk was published a few weeks ago, and closer to home (in Henley and Marlow).  A few people have made contact to say they wished they had watched my TEDx Talk before their child was abused by a family member/friend of the family. Child abuse is a global pandemic and affects many people’s lives; from victim to victim’s families to the abusers families and friends of…the list goes on and sadly it is happening right underneath our noses.”

Emma has been speaking to survivors, support groups, prison officers, charities, families and sex offenders over the last year.  She has been asked to speak as a global expert on the subject of child abuse across the world and is now working on education projects to educate and support young people.  She’s looking for local children to join her education programme which is being launched in September as a trial for a project that will be rolled out across the world.  Emma adds, “I have also been asked to join a Sex Offender Advisory Board, I have been recognised with a nomination ‘Giving Back Award’ for a London based women business award later this year and recently was asked to give comment for Grazia Magazine on the Bill Cosby story that recently emerged. This year has been without a shadow of a doubt full on, but I am ready for this more than ever now and stand confidently in my shoes.”

Emma’s second book (which will be published later in 2021 and title is to be confirmed) shares her knowledge, research together with many other voices on the subject of being groomed, sexually abused, manipulated and the difficulties young people face and how they can be supported along with conversations Emma had with several convicted sex offenders, she says “I appreciate that these conversations with sex offenders are not extensive research, but they certainly bring challenging questions and conversations that are important for our development, the safety of young people now and the generations to come. I truly believe we have to dig deeper than we do to gain as much knowledge as we can to understand what we can do to help reduce this heinous crime. I do also understand that it is not necessarily as straight forward as this, and this is something Lynn Saunders, Governor of HMP Whatton (one of the most prolific sex offender prisons in the U.K.) helped me to better understand. She said ‘some people were just made differently, and it might not matter what you do or don’t do they still go on to commit offences.’  So, if we can educate children to cut the perpetrator off then it will reduce the crime drastically. It seems simple really, but it is not – it is hugely complex and needs to be handled very carefully and with a great deal of care and protection.”

If you would like your child to be part of the educational programme trial, please contact Emma at https://emmajanetaylor.life/contact/



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