Town Clerk Puts Pressure on Sorbon Estates to Remove Concrete from Slipway

The Friday Street slipway which was concreted over last August by Sorbon Estates has still not been removed after the organisation promised to remove it in April this year.

South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) and the Environmental Agency’s enforcement team investigated the breech of planning and flood risk activity and were advising Henley Town Council of their position on this.

Henley Town Clerk, Sheridan Jacklin-Edward met with the new MD, Katherine Croom of Sorbon Estates on Friday to discuss the matter.  Afterwards he said, “We don’t know the reason why Sorben Estates decided to do the work, all that we do know is that they undertook it illegally, without planning permission or without permission for the Environment Agency and our main concern is to see that the concrete is removed so that the slipway can be returned to being a functional slipway.  I have a commitment now that they will remove the concrete.  We will continue to make contingency plans, should they not remove it.”

A spokesperson for Sorbon Estates said, “Our MD has recently joined the business and had a productive meeting with Henley Town Council.  She is now fully across the situation and will be managing it internally to reach a positive resolution.”