Cheese & Charcuterie Lovers in for Real Treat

The Cheesy Grape restaurant on Market Place is planning to open at the end of September (in the former Patisserie Valerie shop) and will be offering a variety of cheese and charcuterie dishes, with complementary wine from around the world.

The owner, Rebecca Benson from Marlow has worked in restaurants, bars and events for 15+ years.  Rebecca said, “I lost all my work in lockdown and it was a case of this presented me with an opportunity and I thought I had better go for it.  It has always been a dream to have my own restaurant.  I did look around in Marlow but the venue I’ve chosen in Henley is much better and I love Henley.  I decided on this concept because who doesn’t love sharing food and drinking wine. Cheese and charcuterie are a favourite amongst my family and friends and I always do a board when we have guests over so it seemed the obvious thing for me to do as well as the fact there isn’t really anything like it in the area.”

The restaurant is currently being refurbished and appropriate licences have been applied for.  Rebecca hopes that everything will be in place for the end of September and the restaurant will offer around 60 covers including some outside seating.

The menu will be ever changing with a variety of charcuterie meats which will include salami, bresaola, serrano ham fresh off the bone and the cheese dishes will include A variety of local and international cheeses as well as fondue. They will include individual dishes and platters to share.  Rebecca will source from both local suppliers and farther afield to buy the very best.  There will be a staple dishes that everyone likes too like scotch eggs.  Rebecca explains, “Whether you want to come in on your own, a couple or a party of 10 you can have a great meal.”

Rebecca is keen to make tasting and choosing wine less intimidating by offering a selection of wines that are new to most along with those you would readily recognise.

The restaurant will also be offering a variety of vegan dishes and wine as Rebecca knows that there is growing demand for these.

Rebecca is looking forward to realising her dream.  She says, “The fact that I’m realising my dream is massive and terrifying at the same time.  I am looking forward to opening. Henley is such a friendly community and I’ve already had lots of messages from residents and businesses which have been so warm and welcoming.  I am looking forward to being part of the community.  Everyone has been so nice already so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.”

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  1. Sharon Horohoe says:

    Having know Becky for some years I just know she will give everyone a pleasurable relaxing time with great food and wine and good service.
    Looking forward to visiting soon.


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