First Yard Sale – One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Treasure

Henley’s first yard sale took place on the Gainsborough estate on Saturday with around 20 houses taking part.

The idea was Gainsborough resident Sarah Cronin and was organised by Gainsborough Residents’ Association Vice Chair, Paula Isaac.  She said, “Sarah and I discussed it last year but because of Covid and all the restrictions in place we thought it was a safe time to do it now the restrictions are lifted and its outside.  We’ve had jumble sales previously at the Scout Hut but that was indoors and we thought this was a safer way of doing it.  We’re pleased with the take up and hopefully next time there will be more people taking part.  These things normally take time to grow.  Sarah added, “I think it went well for the first one with a good turnout of stalls and attendees, and I am looking forward to more in the future.”

Jane Riches who was selling puzzles, games and gadgets said, “It’s a great idea as all this would have gone to landfill and gives someone else to get some pleasure out of it.” The McDowall family were selling toys, baby clothes and books, They said, “All the money we raise today is going towards a cat we are going to adopt from Romanian because our kitten recently died and we wanted to adopt another one.”  Sally Pearce said, “It’s going really well, we’ve even had a family who were visiting a family in Henley from Reading.  I think it’s a really good idea and it has saved paying the entrance fee to a car boot.” Marina Kaplais and her daughter Tamsyn were giving away free books from the community book library. Marina added, “It’s a means of clearing out and it’s really nice to see the community come together to do something.”

Local photographer Martin Cook was selling some of his stunning photographs he has taken in the area.  Kellie Hinton and her family were visiting Martin’s house where she brought one of Martin’s black and white tree canvases.  She said afterwards, “Thanks for doing the sale. We came away with so many bargains and treasures! Really want our road to do a similar event!”