Bring the Natural World into Your Busy Life and Home Through Joyful Watercolour Paintings

Has life become a bit hectic? Do you want a reminder of the beauty of nature? See the animal kingdom with fresh eyes through Liz Chaderton’s joyful watercolour paintings available at The Artistry Gallery on Reading Road.

Liz’s special pieces bring a sense of wonder to the animal world, a moment to reflect and smile at the amazing fauna found in the world around us.

Liz’s watercolour animals are unique in many ways, she says it’s all about the eyes… whether it’s a pair of squabbling black birds or a robin mid flight or a pair of Otters in a swirl, the movement and life that Liz captures in her work is second to none.  Liz is currently working on her third watercolour teaching book. She is a renowned watercolour teacher and her books guide you through the different stages of using water colours and the problems that can occur whilst using them.

‘Artistry ‘ has a beautiful selection of Liz’s current work available for you to see in the gallery at the moment. Her latest diversion is taking gold foil leaf and distressing it around the image which lifts the piece to a different level, or up cycling vintage frames, to add another dimension and finish her work off in a very unique way, as no two pieces are ever the same. These things add yet another twist to her style, but the flow of the paint, the drops splashes and runs somehow perfectly yet randomly placed make Liz’s work strong and original.

One of her latest extra large pieces using gouache and Indian ink and is a 120 x 100 cm contemporary view of Wittenham Clumps. This beautiful statement painting can also be found in ‘Artistry’ if you’d like to see it in the flesh.  It is quite possibly the biggest piece she’s ever painted! This scene would add a fresh view to any room, with perhaps a white solid wood float frame to set it off perfectly.  Kevin, Artistry’s in-house picture framer can help with this.


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