Fire Station Fun for St Mary’s School Children

Children in Year 2 at St. Mary’s Preparatory School enjoyed a visit to the Henley Fire Station this week.

Meeting four of the fire fighting team, they learned all about fire safety, what to do if you hear a smoke alarm, how to stay safe by the river and they even met a real life dragon!

Marta Bakinowska, Class 2 Form Teacher said, “The whole class really enjoyed the visit to the fire station, and the children learnt some important tips to keep them safe.  From the basics of what to do if they hear a smoke alarm at home and how to raise the alert, to how to deal with clothing on fire and the importance of water safety.  The fire crew were very generous with their time, and we even had a visit from Drago the fire safety dragon! The class are currently studying Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, before moving on to Bonfire Night later in the term, so the visit perfectly complements the curriculum.”

Rob Harmer, Headmaster added, “We are always looking at ways in which to bring the children’s learning to life, and visits like these are so important as part of that process.  I have enjoyed hearing the children tell me all about what they learned, and although they had a lot of fun, importantly they have gained some very practical knowledge that will help to keep them safe throughout their life.”

The fire crew talked to the children about what they do in their roles, and explained that they cover so much more than people think, in addition to tackling fires they also assist with road traffic accidents, river and water based accidents and with trapped pets.  The class were impressed to learn that the protective clothing worn by the crew can stand 600֯C and that the fire engine carries a total of 12 different hoses!