Henley Hawks Has New Netball Club

Henley Hawks has a got a new sports team; the Hawks Netball team offering a fully inclusive, all ability club for those returning to netball and a first team playing in the premiership Maidenhead league.

Formerly the Nettlebed Stingers, the netball team outgrew their training base in Nettlebed and were looking for a new home with more courts to play on.

Founder Lou Porter said, “The response to join has been incredible. We’ve doubled the players in such a short time. We wouldn’t be here without Chris’ (Henley Rugby Club Chair) enthusiasm. He has believed in us and taken us on.  You have taken us under your wing and we are so grateful to you and the club.  We know it is an extended family and we know we are another extension to that family. We hope as partnership we will grow stronger and stronger and we will support each other.  We hope to have a men’s team soon too.”

Coach and player Totie Southwell said, “We are delighted to be part of a bigger community and with more facilities here at Henley Rugby Club so that we can reach more people and grow the club for all ages and be totally inclusive including walking netball.  Huge thank you to the committee for their hard work and commitment in making this happen and to help us to build on our dream. We’ve already got 2 league teams and 2 back to netball teams.  During the last year, the uptake has been unbelievable and we’re packing out the courts.  We’re delighted to have new sponsors too; Hart Street Tavern and Lady Sew and Sew.”

Chairman Chris said, “When we became a stronger club and we set about creating the new facilities that we have got, one of the things that was important to us was to develop a much stronger community link.  That’s not just about rugby, we wanted to endorse the brand across the whole of the town across different sports.  So obviously when the conversations started with the netball team  (it has taken a little while) but it was an obvious step.  Just recently we’ve secured a relationship too with the Henley Cycling Club.  When the Henley Mayor came to the Club last Saturday to watch a game she commented how much a community hub we now are and the reputation we have got not just as a rugby club but the whole facility – Love Fitness gym, cafe and Physiollistic.  You’re another key part to that so it’s great to have you on board and it’s an exciting time for you and an exciting time for us and wish you well in the future.”

Juliet Machan has returned to playing netball after 30+ years.  They played their first games last Wednesday night at a rally where they played 12 x 6 min games.  Juliet said, “I started coming to training in the summer and I’m having a real laugh playing again.”

The club’s training night is Thursdays between 7.30-8.30pm.  For more details message the club through their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Henleyhawksnetballclub