Rotary Webinar – Biodiversity. What is it good for? Absolutely Everything

While much attention has rightly been paid to energy consumption and climate change, there has been a less-heralded environmental disaster in the works. This is the sharp decline in the world’s rich diversity, the diminishing community of animals, plants, bacteria, and ecosystems — all of which affect our food, health, air, water and, yes, climate.

To coincide with the opening of high-level global discussions on a new United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, the Rotary Club of Henley-on-Thames is proud to host a free public webinar to outline what is at stake and why it all matters.

The speaker will be Dr David Obura, a leading environmental scientist and member of the Earth Commission that has been advising the UN on biodiversity. Dr Obura is also director of Kenya-based CORDIO East Africa, a group seeking to protect coral reefs and marine systems in the region.

Dr Obura, who is due to attend the COP26 UN climate change conference in Glasgow in November, will discuss the dangers arising from the loss of biodiversity and what attempts are being made to reverse the decline.

The webinar is on 28 September 2021 at 1830-1930 UK time. To register, please go to: