No Notice to Residents About Planning Application for 5G Mast at Swiss Farm

A planning application for a new 15 metre 5G mobile mast has been submitted by CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd next to Swiss Farm on the Marlow Road.

Henley Town Council Planning Committee have recommended refusal to due “adverse impact on the rural street scene, the proximity to residential properties and impact on their amenity street scene, the proximity to residential properties and impact on their amenity.”

Henley Town Council have also spoken to the SODC Planning Officer to confirm that the location is also not suitable as it will near to the planned pelican crossing.  The photo above is a mock-up graphic of what the mast will look like.

Many residents and owners of Swiss Farm received no notification of this planning application from South Oxfordshire District Council.  Councils are required to notify neighbouring properties of planning applications.   The government has given sweeping new powers to telecoms companies to help them with the 5G rollout. This means that they don’t have to follow the usual planning rules and don’t have to consult. The only reason they have had to in this case is because it is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Joseph Borlase, Owner of Swiss Farm has commented,  “I strongly object to the proposed siting of a 5g mast at this location on the grounds that it will adversely affect the visual amenity of the area and will tower above this approach to Henley town and the neighbouring area, properties and businesses. The choice of this location seems to have ignored the close proximity of Swiss Farm House, the eight neighbouring properties as well as the 87 home retirement park and 187 pitch touring and camping park.
I have health concerns relating to the positioning of this 5g mast in what is a highly populated as well as a being a leisure facility for many young children.  This area is essentially comparable to a school in terms of the risk posed to children from radiation exposure.”

Stephen Borlase also has commented, “We have only just learnt of the appalling project to place a 5G mast outside our house on the Marlow Road and we are objecting in the strongest terms. Being well aware of the serious health issues connected to these masts, who in their right mind would agree to it? We have had absolutely no advance notice of this and are lost for words that such an intrusion into our lives and wellbeing could be considered. If these masts are harmless then why not put it in the centre of

You can make your own comments on the application at  Deadline is 7 October 2021

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