Weekly Meditation Returns to Town Hall

Twin Hearts Meditation is returning on Tuesday lunch times at Henley Town Hall starting on 12 October.

Two local pranic healers Lucy Irvine and Julia Ashton will be running the lunch time sessions between 12.15-1.30pm.

Lucy said, “After the last 2 years we are all very in need of some quietening of the mind. More than ever, we all need to clear our thoughts and emotions and connect with something greater than our own physical being.  The Twin hearts meditation is an extremely effective tool to enable this process. When you are filled with calmness and peace of mind, your mind becomes clearer and the process of thinking is quicker.  Meditation on the twin hearts makes a bridge between an emotional love of our soul as well as the high soul of the divine love. Heart and crown energy centres are referred to as “twin hearts”.  With blessings on twin hearts, this blessing brings on earth the harmony: An invaluable form of the World Service is love, kindness, peace, happiness, and goodwill.”

The Twin Hearts is a guided meditation. No experience needed, Everyone welcome (over 16 years of age).

The sessions are free with donations going to charity.