Farewell Party for Family Going on Worldwide Adventure to Research Communal Living

The Campbell family who are leaving on 6 October for an exciting journey to research intentional living communities around the world over the next year for a sustainable and cohesive village they hope to build back in Henley hosted a farewell ‘hippy’ party at the Oaken Grove Vineyard in Fawley on Saturday.

Campo and his wife Katie with their children Tatty (7) Kiki (6) & Indie (3) will be staying at six communities around the world, spending two months at each.  They will be starting off at the co housing community Marmalade Lane in Cambridge and then hope (Covid restrictions allowing) to travel to Denmark, Costa Rica, West Coast of America and Israel.

The family were joined by friends and families to say farewell.  Children enjoyed gymnastic games from Airborne Gymnastics and arts and crafts from Henley’s Warrior on Waste, Lynne Lambourne and there were refreshments from Knead Pizza and The Beercycle.

Campo said, “We love a party.  I’ve been thinking quite a bit about why we love a party and why we felt like a party was the appropriate way to bid us farewell. For me a big part of the reason I love a party is because I love people. I find people endlessly fascinating, enriching and energising. I find them to be particularly so when there’s a theme or passion that everyone can get behind. The party was a farewell for the Campbell family as we take off on our adventure but really it was just another excuse for a party. An excuse to celebrate deep connections and shared values.

“Our upcoming adventure is all about connection. It’s about connecting with people and cultures that think and behave more communally. Celebrations are central to many of the communities that we will be visiting on our travels and so it felt so important to role model that before we embark.

 “I’m a greedy bugger and I want to create more opportunities to celebrate life with people I love. I want deep connection to be an intentional pert of our lives.”

Friend, Sarah said, “I’m really good friends with Katie.  I just support their whole mission.  About just being brave enough to take that step. Of doing something so incredibly different to change their lives for the better.  Me and my husband quite often say that there must be more to life than going to work every day.  The fact that they have just gone – hey do you know what there is something else.  Maybe there is another way we should be doing things.  I just commend that bravery.”

Friend, Ellie commented, “Super excited for the adventure that they are about to go on.  I think they are so brave.  I’m sure they are going to have an amazing time and come back with lots of lessons for us all.”

Friend, Tiggy added “I think you always regret the things you don’t do not the things you do.  So embracing all the opportunities is an amazing and I’m in awe of their sense of adventure.”