More Support for Adults With ADHD

In a bid to improve the support offered to adults with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust has launched its own service.

Oxfordshire’s ADHD Service, which launched on September 14, will offer support to get a diagnosis, provide assessments and review care and medication. It will also offer bespoke advice to Oxfordshire GPs.

Dr Rob Bale, Clinical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, said: “It’s such great news that we are bringing a service back in-house and launching our own ADHD service.

“This new service will provide a more patient-centric, responsive diagnosis and treatment pathway for Oxfordshire residents. Patients will be seen quicker and kept informed of waiting times and expectations.

“Not only will this service benefit patients, GPs will also receive more support with the launch of our bespoke GP service. If they have a question about ADHD or their patients, they can contact us directly.

“We are really looking forward to working with the current provider, GPs and mental health practitioners to provide those living with ADHD an excellent service.”

Those living in Oxfordshire currently receive ADHD support from the Oxfordshire ADHD Centre. A service currently funded by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. Both organisations will work together providing more resources and support for people living with ADHD.

More information about this new service can be found here.