Disabled Charity Gets Donation of Accessible Planter & Money for Plants

Residents at a house run by a learning disability charity, Brandon Trust on Gainsborough Road were delighted to receive a donation of an accessible gardening planter for the front garden last week and a £100 for some plants.

David Eggleton, recently did a house clearance for Ralph Barnes who is leaving Henley and asked if he could donate one of the planters to the charity.  David said, “When I went to finish the job off, he said can I give you a £100 for plants too.  I was going to make one a few years ago so that everyone could get right up to it, something like this but I hadn’t got round to doing it so when I saw this I thought it was just right, because it’s got wheelchair access and it’s the right height that you don’t have to bend over too much.”

Carer Jo said, “I think it’s amazing and we’re very lucky and we are hoping to plant some vegetable seeds and then hopefully they can grow and we can eat them.  At the moment we’re just having flowers into to make it look beautiful.  They all really enjoyed planting it up.  The boys (Dave and Chris) are in charge that they don’t die of thirst.”

Resident Helen said, “I work at Greenshoots.  I like get mucky.  I love seed sowing.”

Ralph said, “Myself (after 81 years) and my daughter Elaine are moving out of Henley and are delighted to make a generous donation, including the trug for the charity so that less able can enjoy the pleasure of gardening as we have done over the years.”