Probus Group Learns about Domesday Book

The October meeting of Henley Probus was held at Badgemore Park yesterday (12 October).T his was just the second meeting of the Club since the start of the pandemic and all members were clearly pleased to be getting together again. Care was taken to ensure that the meeting arrangements were fully compliant with the recently announced Government Covid regulations.

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming members and visitors and then announced that the arrangements for Christmas Lunch for members plus partners had been finalized for 14 December 2021 at Badgemore Park. There followed a financial overview by the Treasurer of the club covering the last 6 months.

Stephen Quant was then introduced as the guest speaker – Stephen was making a return trip to the Club and on this occasion was speaking, with the aid of slides, about the Domesday Book with a focus on Oxfordshire and its constituent areas. The Domesday Book is a manuscript record of the survey conducted in 1086 of much of England and parts of Wales commissioned by William 1 (William the Conqueror). The presentation was incredibly detailed and thoroughly researched with a focus on the period 1086- early 1200s covering the Danish incursion in 1069, the numerous uprising and resistance movements 1067-1075, the gradual replacement of the corrupt aristocracy and bishops and the arrival of the Feudal system. The Domesday Book refers to the structure of Oxfordshire headed by a Tenant in Chief. Henley came into existence in the 1170s, the bridge is first mentioned in 1204, it became a Borough in 1568 and was located in the (medieval) Hundred of Binfield which also contained Badgemore, Bix, Bolney, Lashbrook, Caversham, Rotherfield Greys and Rotherfield Peppard. The talk was followed by a number of questions, a vote of thanks and great applause from the audience.

Henley Probus meets at Badgemore Park on the second Tuesday of each month; it starts with an informal gathering of its members (plus visitors) for a discussion and coffee, with the formal meeting commencing at 1130 followed by a lunch. If anyone is interested in joining the Club please make themselves known to Roger Griffiths our Membership Secretary (01491575137) or to any  Club member that you may know.