Artistry Gallery Profile – Clare Buchta

Artistry Gallery has a lovely collection of Clare Buchta’s work which reflects the change of season from Summer into Autumn…

Clare Buchta is a Reading based artist and has been painting for many years. Her father used to paint and as child and she remembers going into her father’s painting drawers and being told which precious items she could use…

Clare specialises in coastal and countryside view views of Great Britain, with all its diversity and her style is very unique.

She uses mainly oil paints to create her paintings and monotype original prints. Although her scenes are classical by nature, they have a  fresh and contemporary feel, due to her paint application and her pallet. More often than not, her colours are soft and atmospheric, representing the many aspects of British seasons. From crystal clear blue skies to rolling clouds, Summer sun and Autumn mists.

Clare uses fine edges amongst other things, that give strong definition to her mark making, she then works back through the layers of oil, removing it with different implements, from sticks for scratching to blades for scraping detail, all this once her composition is fully formed.

Artistry owner, Sarah Pye said, “We love Clare’s unusual and contemporary technique, which is both skilled and very effective in creating beautiful landscapes and coastal scenes, with a modern impressionist twist.”

Artistry Gallery and Picture Framing is at 57 Reading Road and their website is