5G Mast Refused Planning

The planning application by Hutchison Networks to install a 5G mast outside Swiss Farm on the Marlow Road has been refused by South Oxfordshire District Council.

Henley-on-Thames Town Council objected to the application stating “Due to the adverse impact on the rural street scene, the proximity to residential properties and impact on their amenity. The Henley Society (Planning) also objected stating, “The proposed location is inappropriate for a mast of this size due to its prominent position on one of the main roads into Henley. There are also medical concerns about the potential effects of radiation which reinforce our recommendation to relocate the mast to a location more remote from homes and recreation areas.”  Many residents of Swiss Farm also objected to the application including the Borlase family who own it.

On SODC decision notice it confirmed, “Prior approval is required for the siting and appearance of the development, and is refused. The application site comprises part of a wide grass verge in a visually prominent position along Marlow Road, one of the main approaches into Henley. The proposed monopole and associated equipment would form a visually intrusive and incongruous addition to the street scene, which would fail to conserve the landscape qualities of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and would detract from the setting of the adjacent Henley Main Conservation Area. This identified harm is not outweighed by the public benefits of the proposal, and as such the proposal conflicts with the National Planning Policy Framework.”