Sacred Heart Preschool Caring for the Planet & Community

Children at Sacred Heart Preschool are learning at an early age about taking care of our planet.
Yesterday they set off to do a litter pick around the school grounds where they picked up crisp packets, yogurt pots, plastic lids, bags and leaflets. They also go out regularly onto Makins Recreation Ground across from the school to help keep this green space clean too.
Teacher Cathy Maidment manages the environmental project at the Preschool. She said “I feel very strongly about looking after our environment. I think it’s really beneficial to expose children to recycling at an early age so they build understanding and will contribute to caring for our world. In preschool we learn what and how to recycle as well as compost our vegetable and fruit peel. We grow herbs, some fruit and vegetables. We also teach the children to save water and paper as much as possible.”
Preschool Leader, Veronika Cintra added,”We received the councillor grant award from Cllr Gawrysiak at the beginning of the year for environmental purposes.
We purchased a variety of resources supporting learning as well as allowing the preschool to be more energy efficient. But learning depends on what we chose to teach our children.
Our curriculum is enriched with activities such as recognising common recycling signs on packaging that children see at home, in town or in the supermarket and learning about the types of pollution they might be exposed to. We start early with the hope to make a positive impact. It’s relevant all year around and extremely relevant globally.”