Musician Goes Off The Wall to Create Exhibition

Professional musician, Annie Parker turned to creating art in lockdown this year and this week she’s exhibiting her artwork at the Old Fire Station gallery until tomorrow (Tuesday 26 October).

Annie said, “After years working in music, I wanted to explore my creativity in a different way, to give me the confidence to start and lead my own band. In music we’re taught to be disciplined, to follow rules, to be precise.  These are valuable qualities, but I could I let go of all that, throw caution to the wind and see where it took me?”

Over 18 months, Annie has created artwork using odds and ends no one else wants like rubbish, rusty metal, dirty old drainpipes, bubble wrap, broken trees and moss.

The artwork is from large canvases to small postcards.

Describing the process, Annie adds, “Engaging in different art forms causes sparks to fly.  It doesn’t compromise your energy.  Creativity is process not product (what you see here are my bi-products!)  I love colours (especially the ones I don’t like!).  Everything is a mistake.  Just like life itself.”

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