Community Groups & Businesses Invited to Join Environment Action Plan

Community groups and businesses around Henley are being encouraged to discuss their environmental priorities as part of the Henley Environmental Action Plan (HEAP). This has been developed in collaboration between Greener Henley and the Climate Emergency 2030 Working Group of Henley Town Council.

This recognises government actions alone are insufficient to address the challenges of environmental damage. Residents, community groups and businesses are encouraged to play their part in mitigating our impacts on the environment – having a healthy environment matters to us all.

HEAP is wider than just climate change and includes environmental issues such as mobility, energy use and resource use. But community groups already involved in HEAP may focus on only a few of these issues – for example, the Rotary Club of Henley has committed to be part of HEAP, but its focus is on its campaign to “End Plastic Soup”, whilst one of Henley’s schools wants to focus on the environmental issues that affect its pupils, such as walking and cycling as well as healthy eating, and Henley Town Council’s contributions will include decarbonising energy use in its buildings, improving air quality and locating electric vehicle charging points.

The groups encouraged to be part of HEAP include local educational establishments, health bodies, business groups, community and voluntary groups, sports clubs and faith groups.

If your group or business would like to consider being part of HEAP, there will be meetings held, courtesy of the Town Council, where  the plan will be discussed, and each group can consider where their members can most effectively make their contributions. Groups with similar environmental  interests will be encouraged to share their knowledge and good practice to ensure that by working together across Henley it will remain a healthy and prosperous community with a sustainable future.

If you would like your group to understand more about how it can play a part in HEAP, please contact Patrick Fleming in Greener Henley .