Bremont Launches First Movement Series Manufactured in Henley

Bremont, luxury watchmaker is now manufacturing its first movement series at their new Henley headquarters, The Wing, for their timepieces which they have re-engineered from a base calibre from the Swiss firm “THE+”.

The brand’s first manufactured new ENG300 movement series also incorporates original brass from the historic Flamsteed Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, London. At Greenwich, the brass Flamsteed Meridian Line marks the historic position where the first Astronomer Royal, John Flamsteed, made his observations and laid the foundations for accurate timekeeping and navigation.

Bremont has made considerable investment into new machinery, staff and training and the firm’s in-house technical team. The ENG300 series is the result of Bremont re-engineering 80% of the base calibre, including making a number of design improvements, in order to build a proprietary movement to the brand’s unique specification. A new manufacturing line for machining base components through to T3 assembly will all be happening in the new “The Wing” on the Reading Road.  The Limited Edition Longitude will be the first timepiece to house the new movement and the ENG300 series will come with an increased warranty of 5 years.

A significant amount of expertise, logic and intellectual property has been transferred to Bremont, together with all relevant design rights especially in relation to parts machining and finishing, tool design and fixtures, and the movement assembly lineNot only will movement parts, such as main-plates, automatic and balance bridges be manufactured and sub-assembled at The Wing, but the movement will be fully assembled — down to jewel setting and regulation — at the new facility too.

Bremont Co-Founder Nick English comments, “For us to produce this very special watch, the first ever with a Bremont manufactured movement, is incredibly exciting. We will be making a lot of the parts to very fine tolerances, in Henley and in volume. Nobody has made any parts of any watch in volume in this country, especially in terms of the movement, for many decades. The Longitude celebrates the return of watchmaking to this country. From the design of the watch to a set of technical drawings, manufacture and assembly of the movement and subsequent testing of the watch and its components.”

Giles English, Co-Founder added, “We’ve been working for so many years to manufacture a movement in the UK and this is a massive step towards where we want to be. There’s a lot of growth to go and a lot more we want to do, but this is a monumental milestone.  We are very proud of it.”


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    It would be lovely to see some mention of Henley on Thames on the watch rather than just made in England.

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