Civil Parking Enforcement Comes into Effect on Monday

From Monday (1 November) Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) will take over from the police to issue tickets for illegal parking.
OCC have awarded the contract for the management of all enforcement to an outside company, Conduent.  Enforcement will be carried out by Civil Enforcement Officers and by mobile units – vehicles with cameras attached – that will automatically scan parked cars and highlight any potential breaches, which are then sent to the CEOs to investigate. Fines will vary from £50 to £70, with a 50 per cent discount if paid within 14 days.
Councillor Tim Bearder, OCC’s Cabinet Member for Highways Management, said: “Residents in these affected districts have been suffering from motorists who park with near impunity. By taking control of managing parking offences, we can give local communities more input into parking enforcement in their areas.

“We are determined to make walking and cycling easier and safer and to improve bus services, and one way to do this is to improve the flow of traffic by penalising drivers who clog up the roads through inconsiderate parking and who put pedestrians, cyclists and other road users in danger.”

Henley Town Council have established a working group to review all the parking restrictions in town.  The purpose of this is the huge cost of making changes to parking restrictions that can be reduced significantly if multiple changes are progressed together. This review will NOT include the Greys Road or Kings Road Car Parks because those are operated and enforced separately by SODC.

The working group will focus on street parking and would like to get feedback from residents:

  • Is there a single or double yellow line you feel shouldn’t be there?
  • A danger spot where people park you think a double yellow needs adding?
  • Somewhere where the signing for parking rules is wrong or unclear?
  • Anywhere you think additional parking spaces could be created?
Please email your suggestions to