WI Learn How to Weave Straw Heart for Harvest

Members of Greys WI always enjoy learning a new skill, and for our October meeting Heather and Ted Beeson, who are members of the Guild of Straw Craftsmen, demonstrated how to plait, or weave,  a traditional straw heart.

The harvest tradition of plaiting straw dollies from the last stook of the harvest goes back many generations, and Heather brought with her many incredibly beautiful examples of straw work as an inspiration. She then gave every member a small sheaf of damp straw, and set about teaching us how to create a 4 straw compass plait.

Meryl Roberts said, “We took a deep breath and, tentatively began, slowly we gained in confidence, and finally in pride. The hall buzzed with laughter and chat,  we all had a lot of fun.  Everyone created something beautiful, and we all had a great time, many thanks to our patient teachers, and also for a precious insight into our past.”