Surveys to be Carried Out for More Pedestrian Crossings/Traffic Calming Locations

Five new pedestrian crossing/traffic calming measure locations have been put forward for traffic and pedestrian surveys to be completed. Henley Town Council Planning Committee this week agreed to spend £1625 for these to be carried out.

They have been put forward by Rupert House School, Bowling Court residents’ association and Greener Henley Transport Group and are in the following locations: existing refuge on Bell Street, eastern end of Kings Road onto Northfield End at the roundabout, approach from northern end of Kings Road to the roundabout by Mount View, Southern End of Kings Road near West Street by Hof’s Wine Bar, (photos above) and on the Fairmile near Bowling Court.

Nick Armitage, Headteacher of Rupert House School addressed the Planning meeting by saying that despite the refuge in Bell Street there has near misses crossing en route to the school.

The Kings Road/Mount View location has been suggested as traffic calming measure to slow traffic down as it approaches the roundabout.

A visit by Oxfordshire County Council who are responsible for the highways indicated that all the above locations could be suitable for enhanced crossings, but that the need for these would be best informed by carrying out traffic volume and speed counts over the course of a week, together with a manual pedestrian count over 12 hours from 7am to 7pm.

The typical cost for a zebra crossing is around £35,000-£40,000 and for a pedestrian refuge around £12,500. It is not known whether the Council would be able to fund further crossings or refuges, but without the relevant traffic and pedestrian counts, the need for further crossings is unclear.  Two new crossings are already planned for Gravel Hill and outside Swiss Farm on the Marlow Road.

Approximate costs for surveys are £125 for a 7 day speed and volume count and £200 for a 12 hour pedestrian count. If all 5 locations were covered, this would total £625 for traffic counts and £1,000 for pedestrian counts.  At Finance Committee on 24 July 2018, £5,000 per annum from Community Infrastructure Levy from housing developers was allocated for Planning Committee to spend on Transport related projects.

The results will then be reviewed and a final plan on which crossings should go ahead.