Passionate Display by the Henley Hawks

There was a lot of excitement on court this week for Henley Hawks in the Maidenhead Netball League.

On Monday (1 November), the Premier Division Hawks fought a closely contended battle against Phoenix Pinkz.

Off the back of a spirited win the previous week, The Henley Hawks started strong. The play was end to end with Katie Bayfield (GS) and Totie Southwell (GA) matching their opponents goal for goal. This resulted in the teams ending the first quarter evenly matched.

The score 8 – 8.

Hawks continued to move the ball well in the second quarter with Emma Payne (WD) making some great interceptions. Chanti Stubbs (GK) and Lydia Johnston (GD) worked well together, defending against some strong shooting opposition. Moving into half time the Hawks trailed by one goal. The score now 13 – 14.

The third quarter was brought to an abrupt halt as one of the umpires was taken ill. After a replacement was sourced, it was clear the team had lost momentum and struggled to get back into the rhythm of the game. Claire McCarthy was brought into the WD role and worked hard alongside Judy Goforth (C ) and Sammy Coff (WA) to win possession for The Hawks.

Unfortunately, by the fourth quarter there was no stopping their opponents who had picked up the pace. The play was frantic and The Hawks fought back valiantly but it wasn’t quite enough to secure a win.

The final score being 29 – 23 to Phoenix Pinkz.

On Wednesday (3 November), the emerging Henley Hawks 2 faced Blue Magnets 2 in Division 4.

It was evident from the whistle Henley Hawks 2 were ready for their first win of the season. Belle Tebbutt (GA) and Lauren Maddock (GS) were in tremendous form. The shooters took every opportunity presented them, giving the Hawks a strong lead of 8 – 3.

In the second quarter the defensive trio of Bethany Caunter (GK), Helen Hanley (GD) and Juliet Machan (WD) worked hard together only letting in one goal. This resulted in the Hawks finishing the first half with an impressive lead of 13 – 4.

The Hawks continued to communicate and work well together going into the third quarter. Holly Maddock was added into the mix, playing alongside Sophie Surman (C) and Sophie Benest (WA). They moved the ball efficiently down court to the Hawks shooters, who didn’t miss a shot.

By the fourth quarter the Hawks were clearly the dominant team. The whole team fought hard until the end. They continued to make crucial interceptions and proceeded to a solid victory. The final score 11 – 28 to the Henley Hawks.

It was an incredible first win of the season and highlighted the great potential of this developing team.

Henley Hawks would like to give thanks to their sponsors Hart Street Tavern and Lady Sew & Sew.