Resident James Receives Award for Philanthropic Work

Resident James Frost has been announced as the winner of Heart of Bucks’ inaugural President’s Award for 2020/2021.

The President’s Award acknowledges a local philanthropist who not only offers their financial support but goes above and beyond lending their time, experience and expertise to help make Buckinghamshire a better place for all.

Heart of Bucks is a community foundation that works across Buckinghamshire to raise then distribute money directly to local causes. Heart of Bucks operate to ensure any form of philanthropy, whether from an individual or an organisation, is effective and brings the greatest benefit to those in need across Buckinghamshire. Heart of Bucks is fully accredited to standards approved by the Charity Commission and proud to be one of 46 members of UK Community Foundations.

James has been connected with Heart of Bucks since 1999 and, alongside his wife Elsie, has spent the last 20 years working tirelessly to support the foundation and local communities throughout Buckinghamshire.

James’ incredible impact has been felt by countless people in Buckinghamshire, and 2020 made this even more apparent. James was a pivotal supporter of ours during the pandemic, and we are hugely grateful to him for generously providing the initial donation to launch our emergency Covid-19 fund. The appeal subsequently raised over £250,000, which went directly to those in Buckinghamshire who needed it most.

Speaking about the pandemic, the role of Heart of Bucks in his giving and what we all can do to support others, James said, “Covid has been seen as a disaster, and it is true that there have been heartaches and difficulties. However, there has also been a tremendous upsurge of good.

Within 48 hours of the announcement of lockdown, we had three notes in our post box offering help. Help from people we did not know. There have been so many cases of good and kindness that we must all know of some.

There was a need for a focal point to bring together help in Buckinghamshire. A means by which I could play a small part. For me, Heart of Bucks has turned out to be that focal point, dedicated people who have gone that extra mile to help others.

Let us not lose all the goodwill that has been generated by Covid.

We should not dwell on the past, we cannot change that, but we can change the future. All of us, whatever our circumstances, we can all be part of the future. Whether you are a busy executive, you have a cheque book if not time, or a school caretaker who goes out of their way to see that our children are safe. We can all do something. Heart of Bucks has helped and inspired me, and I look forward to the future with hope and confidence, together.”

If you’re interested in making a difference, or simply want to find out more about how Heart of Bucks can assist you with your charitable giving, please email at: