Rugby Club Announces New Match Day Catering Partnership

Henley Rugby Club (HRFC) are delighted to announce a new catering partnership for their match day lunches with owners of The Caversham Butchers and Carl Wood’s Butchers in Sonning Common.

Roland Hazell from The Butchers said, “We started supplying the cafe with their food a number of months ago.  Gradually as the season started they were looking for new caterers and we had a few conversations with Chris Dixon (Chair of HRFC) and the guys who run the cafe and we came to an arrangement.  We’re absolutely delighted to be working with the rugby club.  Obviously working with a club like Henley is quite prestigious for us.  We’ve already had a couple of spin-offs from doing the catering here and we’re meeting another member on Monday about doing some more catering events.”

Roland bought LD Jennings (former name) of Caversham Butchers a few years ago and they started to look for catering business. They now have a catering unit which has been going about 6 months now.

Chris Dixon, Chair of HRFC said, “We are now very pleased to have a new partnership with Caversham and Sonning Butchers for the season.  We’ve have had food from them for a number of years which is how the relationship started.  We’re excited about them being part of our future.”

Chef, Mo Bennasar worked with Heston Blumental at The Fat Duck in Bray for 7 years.  On Saturday he served a lunch of mushroom soup, followed by organic chicken stuffed with mozzarella and wrapped in parma ham served with a mushroom risotto and parmesan cream sauce, followed by a dessert of sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce. Mo said, “Each week we change the menu.  We’re pleased that we have already got some extra business out of this partnership already,

After the meal, match day sponsor, Gary Evans from GD Evans Interiors who was enjoying a birthday lunch was presented with a chocolate cake.