Henley Lions Winter Fuel Poverty Appeal 2021

Rising cost of gas and electricity is adding to the pressure on many household incomes to keep the home warm and enjoy hot food. Henley is no exception when to comes to families and individuals struggling to make ends meet.

Many generous Henley residents have contributed to the Henley Lions Winter Fuel Appeal each November and December. 116 payments have been made over the last 4 appeals to local families with children and individuals. Without this support they would have spent a cold winter worrying about how to pay their utility bills.

Ian Tritton on behalf of Henley Lions said, “We dread to think of what sort of winter the people we have helped would have suffered without the donations made to this fund.”

Many supporters receive the Government’s Winter Fuel Payment and are very happy to donate some or all of this to help those in need of funds stay warm.

Citizens Advice Henley refer applications for support from this fund and payment is made direct to the clients utility account.

Donations can be made online via www.henleylions.org.uk – click on “Donate” and identify your donation as “Winter Fuel Project”.  To get information on how to pay by cheque or bank transfer please email donate@henleylions.org.uk or phone 0345 833 7387.

Please Gift Aid if you are a taxpayer increasing your donation by 25%.

If you know of someone in need please encourage them to talk to Citizens Advice Henley or NOMAD who can offer help and guidance. Citizens Advice will ensure people are receiving the benefits due to them, give assistance in managing debt and apply to the Winter Fuel fund for support.

Any donation, however small, can help make a difference.