Memorial Plaque for Kam to be Unveiled

A memorial plaque for Kam Hulait who died in July is to unveiled at the ‘Top Shops’ on Sunday (14 November) at 2pm.  The plaque will be fixed to one of the Town Council’s large flower planters.
Kam who died in a hit and run accident in the early hours of 11 July on Wyfold Lane, Peppard Common. Kam was well known to many Henley residents as he spent many hours sitting on the wall at the ‘Top Shops’ on Greys Road chatting to people.
Town Councillor, Glen Lambert has helped the family get approval for the plaque to be installed.  Kam’s brother, Jazz said, “The aim is to put the plaque up at Top Shops where you could always find him. On Sunday it will celebrate his life and birthday which is the same day. Please come along to celebrate in Kam’s style to have a drink for him.”
A small wooden cross memorial in Wyfold Lane was removed in October.