Mary Clark Award Goes to Henley Music School

Henley Educational Trust (HET) is delighted to announce that £1,000 from the Mary Clark Award has been granted to Henley Music School to support the purchase of violins.  This will enable the Henley Music School to provide whole class violin lessons in four Henley Primary Schools in line with the Government’s policy that music lessons in school must be on a whole class basis.  In addition a grant of £250 from the Mary Clark Award has been given to support the Henley Music School Bursary Scheme which enables all pupils of whatever means to learn a musical instrument.

The Mary Clark Award was created in 2005 in memory of Mary Clark a long-serving  and much respected clerk to HET. The fund of £5,000 was donated by her husband and family and the net income from the investment of the funds are used to provide an annual award for Music education.

Speaking on behalf of Henley Music School  Founder and Principal Laura Reineke enthused “We are really excited to have been able to begin violin lessons in primary schools and to see the joy it has brought to so many children.  For some it is the first time they have picked up a musical instrument and I hope it will be the beginning  of a real love for music shared by them all. It is absolutely fabulous to see a whole class learning music together and produce such an amazing sound . Being able to provide enough violins now means everyone can have a go at the same time.  Thank you so much to Henley Educational Trust for the support. You have really made a difference.”

Amanda Heath, Chair of HET echoed those sentiments. “I know from first-hand experience the power of music lessons to inspire and motivate children.  I am really pleased that the HET is able to provide some of the necessary funding to both provide violins for the school lessons and to support children in need through the HMS bursary scheme.  I am sure Mary Clark and her family would be proud to be involved in this project.”