Have Your Say – Rotary Taking New Action-Based Approach

Dear Editor

Having come through the pandemic, the Rotary Club of Henley-on-Thames is taking a new approach. As will have been noted on your various articles over the past months, the club has begun concentrating on environment issues in line with 12-million strong Rotary International’s commitment to protecting the Earth. We are in particular focusing on the End Plastic Soup campaign, which aims to ensure plastic-free rivers and seas.

This has so far included a variety of free public webinars on green issues, events in town to highlight alternatives to plastic, and a highly successful river clean-up day between Sonning and Shiplake.

Much more is to come as we move away from the old traditions to appeal to a more action-based membership, whilst, of course, maintaining the core essentials of fun and diverse fellowship.

If any of your readers are interested, they are invited to attend our first environmental coffee morning meeting on Saturday, 20 November at the Three Tuns at 11 am.

Your faithfully

Phil Fletcher