Guardian Angel of the Top Shops Kam Honoured With Plaque

Kam Hulait who lost his life in a road accident in July has been honoured with a memorial plaque at the ‘Top Shops’ which was unveiled yesterday by his brother, Jazz.  The plaque is on the side of one of the large flower planters and was fittingly covered with a Manchester United football top (Kam’s team) before it was unveiled.

Before Kam sadly died, most days he would sit on the wall at the parade of shops and chat to people who past by or who visited the shops, making many friends and acquaintances.  His life was sadly cut short after he was a hit by a vehicle in Wyfold Lane in Peppard Common in the early hours.

Jazz said afterwards, “I would like to give a big thank to Kyle Dowling (Town Council Assistant Parks Manager) who got this approved. Means a lot to us and the community who Kam was always there for and everyone who has been there for Kam. Very hard to do and also on his birthday as a young brother it hurts and still no justice for Kam but knowing his memory will always be there is heart warming. It was a good turnout. Thank you to Fabio’s Barbers and Ali in the pizza shop, One Stop staff and everyone at Top Shops. So proud of Kam.”

Philippa Armstrong who attended the unveiling said, “Kam was a lovely guy and he used to look after my dog, Dudley whilst I went in One Stop and one time I went to get some cash and the ATM wasn’t working, he offered me his last £10.  Now I have to leave Dudley at home.”

Fabio from Fabio’s Barbers said, “Kam was a great blessing and a lesson in my life.  Kam taught me something that I have never expected to learn what Kam taught me.  The true definition of the phrase, don’t judge a book by its cover.  We say, but people do.  My doors are closed when the customers are in and I hear stuff but not one time I hear Kam talk bad about people.  He always had a honest opinion and if wasn’t good he wouldn’t say it.  Kam was person who went through a lot in his life and this year, especially the few months before he passed away.  We opened up to each other.  I opened up to him first and trusted him.  He eventually opened up to me which was the moment I felt really blessed to be a friend of Kam’s.  I never knew I would like someone in such a short time.  Where I’m from we believe that our souls have already met before we were born.  We were friends and companions before the hereafter as our souls were friends.  I surely believe Kam was one of them.  He has found heaven and I’m sure he has because God judges people by their hearts and your good deeds.  God rest his soul.”

A new black cross was presented to Jazz by one of the attendees which would be installed in Wyfold Lane as a previous one had been removed in October.