Frustration for Henley Hawks

The Henley Hawks Netball team faced tough competition in the Reading and Maidenhead Leagues this week.

On Saturday (13 November) The Hawks played TRBL in Division One of the Reading Netball League.

Henley started off strong with the reliable defensive duo of Lydia Johnston (GD) and Chanti Stubbs (GK) immediately working well together. The pair deflected shots and picked up rebounds leaving The Hawks finishing the first quarter in the lead. The score 11 – 7.

In the second quarter the opposition started to gain momentum but the Hawks fought back. Totie Southwell (GA) and Katie Bayfield (GS) pushed hard to convert goals and ensured the score stayed evenly matched. The first half ending 16 – 16.

The second half of the game TRBL stepped up the pace with their defence causing problems for the Hawks attack. Judy Goforth (C) moved swiftly around the court with the support of Sammy Coff (WA) and Claire McCarthy (WD) but TRBL were relentless. In the fourth quarter the opposition didn’t miss a shot and converted every opportunity to a point. The Hawks worked hard but it wasn’t enough against tough opposition.

The final score 40 – 25 to TRBL.

The Hawks were back in action on Monday (15 November) against Windsor in the Premier Division of the Maidenhead League.

The Hawks started well winning the centre pass and immediately scoring. It was an evenly matched game with Katie Bayfield (GS) and Totie Southwell (GA) looking lively in the scoring D for Sammy Coff (WA) to pass into and convert goals. The first quarter ending with Henley leading 8 – 7.

Going into the second quarter Windsor stepped up their attack. The defensive pairing of Chanti Stubbs (GK) and Lydia Johnston (GD) had to work hard against forceful opposition with the first half ending 17 – 13 to Windsor.

The third quarter Windsor came out aggressive and The Hawks knew they had a fight on their hands. Judy Goforth (C) pushed hard in a hostile centre court with Claire McCarthy (WD) as the oppositions Centre was cautioned and both teams received warnings from the umpires.  The Hawks now trailing by 5 goals going into the last quarter.

The play remained fast and aggressive and it was evident The Hawks were deflated. They had lost momentum and struggled to get back in sync with each other as Windsor attacked.

It was a tough game for The Hawks that ended 38 – 26 to Windsor.

Henley Hawks would like to give thanks to their sponsors Hart Street Tavern and Lady Sew & Sew.