Parents & Carers Urged to Book Young Child Flu Vaccine

The local NHS is urging parents and carers of children aged 2 and 3 to contact their GP practice to book a flu vaccination for them.

For these children the vaccine is a quick and easy spray up the nose, making it quick and painless and protects them against the illness.

Flu in children can cause fever, stuffy nose, dry cough, sore throat, aching muscles and joints, and extreme tiredness – this can last several days or more.

Dr Ed Capo-Bianco, Urgent Care Lead at Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “Flu spreads easily but by getting your child vaccinated you will be protecting them and others who are vulnerable to the illness such as babies and older people.

“Flu can also result in some children getting a very high fever, sometimes without the usual flu symptoms, and may need to go to hospital for treatment. Serious complications of flu include a painful ear infection, acute bronchitis, and lung disease, including pneumonia and bronchiolitis.”

Ed said: “I really urge parents and carers of children aged 2 and 3 to contact their GP practice either over the telephone or online without delay and book an appointment for the free vaccine which is a quick and painless nasal spray.”

For further information about children’s flu vaccine visit the NHS England website see here or



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