Chiltern Centre Voted Badgemore School’s Charity of the Year

Three charities were in the running to become Badgemore School’s first charity of the year; The Chiltern Centre, Headway Thames Valley and Henley Music School.

Pupils at the school in Hop Gardens voted for their favourite on Friday after each charity had presented their charity in a school assembly and got the opportunity to ask questions.

The Chiltern Centre won with the most votes. Harriet Barcella, from The Chiltern Centre said afterwards, “It was so lovely coming into the school as they asked such good questions.  They asked how many young people we supported, what kind of thing do we do and one little girl asked whether they enjoy music and art as it is a way of expressing themselves when they find it hard to express themselves through speech.  Money from non-uniform days, cake sales and FOBS will be donating 10% of everything they fundraise to the charity during the year.”

Headteacher Tim Hoskins said, “I am delighted to have been able to announce that our pupils chose The Chiltern Centre as Badgemore’s Charity of the Year for 2021-22. This is the start of a great learning experience for our pupils, but it certainly has not been easy. We short-listed the applicants to three local charities: The Henley Music School, Headway and The Chiltern Centre and then these charities were invited into school to pitch to the pupils. I’m pleased that we gave this huge responsibility to the pupils because it was a really challenging decision and one that they rose to. They listened intently and asked some great questions to help them make their decision.  We are looking forward to working with and supporting The Chiltern Centre over the next year. I am sure that it will be a mutually beneficial experience.”