Invesco Present Cheque to Sue Ryder for Sponsorship of Nurse

Head of Community Fundraising at Sue Ryder Palliative Care hub South Oxfordshire, Fern Haynes, made a very special visit to Invesco in Henley-on-Thames last week.

Invesco kindly sponsored Lindsey Pitkin, one of our Sue Ryder registered nurses throughout 2021.

Claire Myers, Charity and Community Support Manager from Invesco was delighted to meet Lindsey and to also hand over the cheque for £15,000. Due to Covid-19 restrictions it had been impossible for the pair to meet until this time.

Lindsey said how proud she was to be the Invesco sponsored nurse and thanked Claire for their ongoing and committed support.

Head of the Hospice at Home team, Sylvia Thomas said: “This is an incredibly generous gift of sponsorship from Invesco who have always been so supportive of our work in the community.

“We work hard to bring our excellent palliative care services to you in your home and our dedicated team of Sue Ryder nurses and nursing assistants deliver both rapid response and long term planned care in the community.

“There has been a 50% increase in demand for our services over the last 12 months and this really has been the toughest time to work through for our healthcare teams.

“I am so proud of the whole team who have risen to the challenge and continued to provide this expert care.”

“This tremendous gift really does make such a difference and will allow us to continue to carry out our specialist care in the community.”

The nurse sponsored by Invesco is Lindsey Pitkin who works 12 hour shifts caring for her patients in their homes.

She says: “We cover a large geographical area visiting patients in their own homes. We support them with personal care and symptom management and administer pain relief and medication as needed.

“We are also there to support the family of the patient with anything they need. Quite often we visit patients up to three times a day if they are unsettled or we are concerned about them.

“As well as our visits there is also paperwork to keep on top of and we liaise very closely with our other teams such as the physio team, occupational therapists, social workers, doctors and bereavement support to make sure we provide the best all round care package to our patients.

“I love working for Sue Ryder and I am proud to be the Invesco sponsored nurse.”

Claire Myers, Invesco’s Charity and Community Support Manager said “I have huge respect for the incredible work Lindsay and the rest of the Sue Ryder nurses do for families in our community. I am delighted we are able to continue our long-standing relationship and help in some way.”