Children Become WW2 Evacuees For the Day

Children in Beech Class at Badgemore School brought their WW2 history learning to life this week when they dressed up as evacuees and learnt about the Battle of Britain and the important part Henley played.

Nick Launders from the Royal British Legion came to talk to the children.  Nick said, “I spoke to the children about my personal story of being evacuated with my family out to the country as our house was destroyed.  I was only a baby at the time.  I then told them about the important part Henley played in WW2 in the secret mission under the hill where photographs were analysed.  I finished by telling the importance of that photographic intelligence and about atomic bombs.  I said, if ever another war starts, it will end with a nuclear bomb and it is their generation’s responsibility that we don’t start a war again and they should think about these things as they get older as some might be in responsible positions when they are older.  I enjoyed talking to the children.  It is sometimes quite tricky to get the level right for the right age but I think they learned some interesting things.”

Miss Rayner, Beech Class, Year 3/4 Teacher said, “We have been studying WW2 as a history project for the whole of the term.  We have been focussing on the evacuees and the Battle of Britain.  Today we are having an evacuee day, getting into the life of an evacuee and we’ve all dressed up.  Some of them have ration cars, identity cards, food coupons, gas mask boxes.   They have been learning about and drawing spitfires and hurricanes and today Nick is talking to them.  I think they will get a lot out of this talk.  They have all come in super excited and they’ve all made a real effort.  It’s really been great bringing the history to life today.”

Pupil Amy said “It was great to be dressed up as kids from that time.  The two interesting facts I learnt from the talk was that the Hurricane planes shot more German  planes than the Spitfires and also that the war was started by Germany invading Poland as I am half polish so that was very interesting.”


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