Café Scientifique Henley 100th Talk – What Makes a Scientist?

Wednesday 15 December

Richard Fortey, a local and leading scientist and writer, has agreed to be in discussion with Dick Way, man of the river and second hand books, about his latest book a Curious Boy. It will show that a restless curiosity and enthusiasm about the natural world was fundamental in his success.

There will be lots of adventures and misadventures to be recalled within a special and unforgettable special life.

Richard Fortey is a Natural History Museum palaeontologist and Fellow of the Royal Society.

This milestone event has spurred us on to begin the introduction of events run in a hybrid manner.

There will be a limited audience in Henley Hockey Club all duly vaccinated including the booster and all dutifully testing themselves with a Lateral Flow test that day.

Everyone can register in the normal way for a Zoom event and a few, about a quarter, will be invited to attend personally.

If all goes well then we will introduce more Hybrid events in 2022, depending of course on COVID developments, and we will rotate the live attendance accordingly.

To register email