Snow Queen Ballet – Glittering Festive Spectacle

From the opening dramatic scene of this spectacular production by Ballet Theatre UK at the Kenton, when the Snow Queen shatters the mirror and casts the curse of external winter, the audience are taken on a magical journey into a winter wonderland.

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale, the Snow Queen story follows Gerda and her quest to find her childhood sweetheart Kay, whom the Snow Queen has placed under an evil spell.  Gerda’s adventure takes her on a journey across the frozen north. Only Gerda’s love for Kay can release him from the spell and break the Snow Queen’s curse of eternal winter.

The cast all gave en pointe choreographic performances with beautiful lifts, jumps and spins whilst telling the story through their compelling expressions and body movements.  The glittering costumes, striking music and the dry ice added to the spectacle of this first class captivating production.  We particularly loved the Raven scene danced by Paul Meneu and the comedy scenes of the flower lady and the Queen with her cakes (no spoilers here). The company delivered a seamless performance (with many costume changes for some) from start to finish.

If you missed the ballet this weekend, the company will be at the Arlington Arts in Newbury next weekend.