Head of Sales And Marketing at Great Western Railway Visits College

Richard Pennant-Jones, Head of Sales and Marketing at Great Western Railway (GWR), hopped on the 9.20 from Paddington to meet with Travel & Tourism Level 3 students to speak to them about the role of marketing in promoting domestic travel in the UK.

The pandemic has brought marketing to the fore as businesses fight for customers. Consumers have limited budgets, but a lot to choose from to spend their money on, such as entertainment streaming services, so the travel and tourism industries must really convince customers to spend on travel and entertainment outside of the home.

Speaking about the Travel & Tourism Extended Diploma Level 3, Richard commented on how the students are learning a valuable and broad range of skills which will open a wide range of careers to them.

“There are so many areas you can explore with Travel & Tourism, and now is such an optimal time as there is fantastic growth in this industry.”

Students studying the 2-year BTEC have developed a greater awareness of the latest travel trends and have completed modules focusing on sustainable travel and marketing, and Richard’s talk gave the students real world insight into how a national travel company uses data and research to influence its marketing campaigns.

Applications to study at The Henley College are open for September 2022.