Harrods Cafe Closed

The Harrods H Cafe on Market Place has closed its doors after just two years of trading on Monday this week.

When the cafe opened in October 2019, a Harrods spokesperson said, “Harrods is establishing a standalone café destination outside of its Knightsbridge home for the first time. H Café, due to open in Henley in October, will offer a menu of dine in and dine out options, replicating the current food-to-go and deli offering seen in our Harrods food halls and restaurants. The new destination will also allow customers to have purchases from Harrods.com delivered and returned to H Café via click-and-collect, allowing a more flexible experience and approach to luxury retailing.”

We asked for a statement about the closure and received the following reply, “Harrods H Café in Henley-upon-Thames has now closed. We want to thank our H Café colleagues for all of their hard work over the last two years and have worked closely with employees to offer alternative employment within Harrods wherever possible.”


  1. General Johnston says:

    Phenomenal news! Harrods clearly thought the Henley locals had more money than sense and thankfully they’ve been sent packing. That type of tone deaf hedonism might float in Knightsbridge and the UAE but had no place here.

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