Music School to Relaunch Group Playing Sunday School in New Year

Henley Music School is a popular local charity providing music education in all its forms to anyone regardless of age, ability, background or means.  They are hoping to relaunch their HMS Sundays which take place on one Sunday morning each month for children aged 5-9 from the New Year.

Currently they provide all the local schools with individual music lessons in any instrument, as well as after school clubs, curriculum lessons and workshops.

They teach over 150 individual lessons a week with free loan of an instrument for all HMS pupils. Bursaries of up to 100% are available for all activities, and pupil premium children automatically receive free lessons.

Laura Reineke, Founder & CEO said, “Getting anyone back to group playing has been an uphill struggle since all the lockdowns.  Playing in a group or ensemble is vital and the fun part of playing an instrument.  We need to get children started early so that they have music as part of their lives for as long as possible.”

At HMS Sundays children will learn Kodaly (a way of learning to read music), rhythm through drumming and singing in a small person’s choir.  If you’d like your child to come along and join these fun, educational sessions please go to the website and click on the Sunday button for full details and registration.  In light of the latest news regarding the Omicron transmission rates, HMS will monitor the situation and will keep in touch with everyone who registers their interest.